Refund & Cancellation Policy

End Product fees (whether one-time fees and/or recurring and/or subscription fees) are non-refundable unless otherwise determined by us/Company and/or our assignors/licensors/transferors/providers in our sole discretion. If You have reason to believe that You were charged in error, You may provide a written notice to our customer support at and request to cancel the applicable Fee. When eligible and subject to our discretion, Fee cancellation can be performed by customer support only up to a period of 7 days from the Fee payment date, and only if the End Products associated with the Fee have not been downloaded or used and/or accessed outside of the Platform in any manner whatsoever, whether for commercial or personal use (“One Time Fee Refund Period”). We will not cancel Fees after that time or after an End Product has been downloaded or used and/or accessed outside of the Platform. Eligibility to cancel a Fee will be assessed by our customer support team based on a number of factors, including, without limitation, violations to our Terms and improper usage of the Platform.

"Chargebacks – If You reject the charge of the payable Fees (“Chargeback”), the action shall be considered a breach of the Fee payment obligations, and Your use of the Services may be automatically suspended and/or terminated. In such case, We reserve the right to block the Account without any option to repurchase or re-use it, and any end files and/or data contained in such Account, including, any unfinalized or finalized End Product. Access to the Account shall not be regranted until You pay any applicable Fees in full. If You have any questions or concerns regarding a fee payment collection or attempt made by Us, we encourage you to first contact Our customer support team before filing a Chargeback. We reserve our right to dispute any Chargeback received, and to provide the relevant credit company, financial institution or bank with any information proving that You are responsible for the applicable Fees and did authorize the transaction to Us.